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Our passion has always been to help people with better solutions to health and wellbeing, both at work and at home. Spending over 20 years working primarily in the NHS and higher education lecturing, we realised that our mission to share our knowledge on mental health awareness and wellbeing training solutions is needed now more than ever. Just like everyone, we have both experienced times where our wellbeing has been less than optimum and seen the impact of this in all aspects of our lives. We have also both experienced various working environments where the understanding and support of wellbeing was far from effective – so we decided to bring together our expertise and our friendship to provide solutions that make a difference by giving life back to business, shifting industry culture and changing lives.


After completing the working well masterclass, I found it amazingly informative. It made me look at many aspects of my own life both personal and professional and helped me set a series of action and behaviours in place that really benefited my health and general well-being. I would highly recommend this course to all who want to have a happier and healthier work life balance.
I have just finished a course with Aspire Training Solutions. The different topics were really interesting. I especially enjoyed the sleeping module. I would highly recommend booking on a course with Aspire to help you personally and as a business
Both Michelle and Becca are fantastic. They explain everything so well and can relate behaviour back to you, without being condescending or judgemental. I felt I could be open about why and how I do things without being judged.
The Aspire Training Solutions team provided me with a warm friendly service through a face-to-face meeting to discuss areas that I felt would be beneficial for the setting where I work. They were open, honest and gave precise insight as to what they felt would be most useful and cost effective. After this initial consultation they quickly were able to deliver targeted surveys and recommendations for myself to follow in how to support the staff where I work. These findings were backed up with evidence and suggestions were made that I found invaluable moving forwards, at no time was there “sales pressure” to commit to using their services based on their recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend the team to help in any area of training relating to highlighting areas for development or providing support for staff.
Assistant Headteacher
UK SEN School
We wanted to provide some wellbeing training for our staff to facilitate them to manage their wellbeing and work/life balance, but still committing to the demands of the roll, which can be a challenging balancing act at times. Aspire Training Solutions delivered exactly what we were after; they took a collaborative approach to the planning of the training, to ensure it was bespoke to what we were looking for and their delivery of the training session was excellent. I can highly recommend them
Marie Dancer
Managing Partner
Really enjoyed the three day course. Nicely paced and well organised. Enjoyed working with lots of different people in the breakout rooms on teams. Just shows how training doesn’t have to stop during difficult times.
Supervision Training Attendee
The most engaging training course I've completed. Nice use of technology to make sure the course was enagaging without being able to deliver it face to face
Attendee of NHS staff training
It was an interesting and really useful presentation which has made me evaluate my reasons for not doing the positive things I know I should do to keep my wellbeing fully charged
Training attendee
Fantastically organised and well delivered programme from Aspire Training. The range of online formats used to accommodate the training during COVID-19 kept the sessions engaging, interesting and integrative. Michelle and Becca provided a supportive and open environment to achieve the best out of the PWPs despite circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt that it exceeded my expectations through online delivery and has enabled me to inform my practice and increase my confidence in my abilities as a Supervisor.
A Brooks
Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
I worked with Michelle and Becca at Aspire to carry out a WELLteam assessment for my whole staff team. I found them both to be professional, engaging, informative and extremely supportive. They worked with me to ask questions that were specific to my organisation in addition to those relating to wider individual wellbeing. The process was simple, and they provided my team with an online link to access the questionnaire. The results were professionally presented in an informative, interesting and easy to understand report format. The follow up meeting we had to discuss the results was excellent, giving me lots of ideas to work on in the areas the assessment had revealed. I would wholeheartedly recommend Aspire and the WELLteam assessment process.
Rachel Kelly
Chief Executive
Really interesting and some good practical tips to use
Wellbeing Taster
March 2020 Attendee
The training was excellent and well planned out. I loved the break out rooms and the trainers were both highly skilled. I feel more confident in an area I was anxious about.
Supervision Training Attendee
Have learned so much about myself being an effective clinician AND how to help others. Best training I have had in years thank you
Attendee of NHS staff training
A really informative three days of training. Becca and Michelle are very knowledgeable and the training syllabus was very comprehensive.
K Alleyne
Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
We had the Wellteam Assessment for the firm and the staff reported that they felt able to give candid feedback, as the responses were going to an independent organisation rather then their employer. The report we got back was really interesting and highlighted the areas we were doing well at and the areas where we could benefit from exploring further. The assessment was really useful for the firm and gave us comfort that future investment in wellbeing training would address the specific issues that the staff had highlighted that were both problematic were and that they welcomed input on, ensuring that we maximised return on future training costs. The staff found it really positive that we were interested in their wellbeing.
Richard Nelson Solicitors LLP