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Our signature training sessions utilise evidence-based teaching and behaviour change strategies, combined with engaging and interactive delivery approaches.

This supports attendees to develop skills and confidence through a supportive and enjoyable training experience, which recognises and values the diversity of skills and experience in the room.

Understanding & Maintaining Wellbeing

Managing Stress & Burnout in the Workplace

Improving Sleep with CBTi

Managing Anxiety & Worry in the Workplace

Providing Effective Supervision

Half day sessions from £599

We provide a wide range of evidence-based training and workshops. Above is an example of our most popular content. All sessions can be tailored for your specific organisational and industry needs and bespoke sessions can be developed on request.

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Before you spend on training ... make sure you know what you really need!

By starting with our initial WELLteam® assessment you can identify the specific needs of your team, increase engagement and avoid wasting resources on ineffective and unnecessary training.

Reboot your wellbeing and drive your success!

Want to invest in yourself and unlock the power of wellbeing? Our masterclass programmes are open to individuals who are ready to make changes and create the lives they want!

Working well

Key foundations for harnessing your wellbeing and optimising your productivity and success at work

Take control of your sleep

Struggle to switch off or sleep well? Tired of the impact of poor sleep on your life and work? Our masterclass will enable you to regain control and improve your sleep using evidence-based strategies and CBTi

Making worry work for you

Are you a born worrier? Fed up of feeling drained by worry? Our masterclass helps you take control and make worry work for you.

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